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The Internet is here! Millions of  potential customers are online now, and  thousands more gain access every single day.  It makes sense to advertise your product or service online where everyone can see it. Online shopping offers your customers the opportunity to buy your products or services from the comfort of their own home or workplace. 
Your Web Site will go a long way towards increasing your Net Profit! Compared to a traditional retail operation, the cost of maintaining an Internet presence is miniscule.
It is not quite as simple as "If you build it, they will come". You have to let your customers know where your Site is. 

Knowledgeable Internet Merchants know the benefits of registering with Search Engines and promoting their Site in various other ways to attract more traffic to it. Please read on to see how we can help you to become a Netprenuer!

What Can We 
Do For YOU?
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Image Gathering, Scanning and Digital Photography.
Custom Graphics, Logos, Icons and Backgrounds.
Web Site Hosting with Secure Server Access.
Update or Upgrade your existing Web Site.
Convenient Shopping Cart Programing.
Order Taking and Credit Card Processing.
Packaging, Shipping and Order Fullfillment.
Search Engine Registration and Site Promotion.
Domain Name Searches, Registration and Transfers.
The Choice Is Yours!
There are real benefits to having your own Domain Name. 
Your customers will be able to easily find you when your 
Web Site is located at: http://yournamehere.com
If you have a limited advertising budget or you just want a single 
Web Page or even a small Web Site designed and / or hosted, 
Aardvark City Web Page Design can help you with that as well!
In this case your Web Site address would be something like this: yourname.aardvarkcity.com   or    yourname.aardvarkcity.com
We also offer FREE Web Sites and Email at:  http://aardys.com
Whatever you decide, Aardvark City Web Page Design 
can put together a package to suit YOU, our valued customer.
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